Event Scores

Event: 4th Meat Smoke and Beer BBQ Competition
Location: Messegelaende
Wels, 4600
Date: 4/6/2019

Master Series - Overall Scores

Grand Champion: Bunch of Swines
Reserve Champion: Grillspitz BBQ Hunters


RankTeam NameTotal
1Bunch of Swines 703.3712
2Grillspitz BBQ Hunters 685.1200
3BBQ Longhorn Austria 684.0000
4Uncle Tony's Cockney Q 683.9772
5Knockstone BBQ 682.8348
6Team Natural Born Grillaz 682.2856
7White Squirrel BBQ 676.4796
8Baldicue 669.6572
9Egghead Barbecue 668.5372
10Schluchtengriller 666.8344
11Sauwald BBQ 665.5996
12Feher Nyul BBQ 662.7772
13Cooklounge BBQ 659.3140
14West Side BBQ 657.0172
15Omerta - BBQ 651.4180
16BBQ4FUN 647.3828

Individual Categories

Master Series: CHICKEN

RankTeam NameTotal
1Grillspitz BBQ Hunters179.4400
2West Side BBQ175.4172
4Bunch of Swines174.2628
5Uncle Tony's Cockney Q173.7028
6BBQ Longhorn Austria172.5944
7Egghead Barbecue170.3084
8White Squirrel BBQ170.2628
9Team Natural Born Grillaz169.7256
10Feher Nyul BBQ169.6916
11Sauwald BBQ167.9656
13Cooklounge BBQ166.2512
14Knockstone BBQ165.1316
16Omerta - BBQ163.9544

Master Series: PORK RIBS

RankTeam NameTotal
1BBQ Longhorn Austria175.4400
2Bunch of Swines171.4056
3Uncle Tony's Cockney Q170.2744
4Grillspitz BBQ Hunters170.2744
5Knockstone BBQ168.5716
6Cooklounge BBQ168.5372
7Team Natural Born Grillaz168.0000
8Sauwald BBQ167.4284
10Egghead Barbecue165.1200
11White Squirrel BBQ164.0000
12Omerta - BBQ162.8804
15West Side BBQ159.3944
16Feher Nyul BBQ158.8572

Master Series: PORK

RankTeam NameTotal
1Bunch of Swines180.0000
2Knockstone BBQ179.4400
3Omerta - BBQ175.4288
5White Squirrel BBQ173.1084
7Team Natural Born Grillaz170.2972
8Cooklounge BBQ169.1428
9BBQ Longhorn Austria168.5600
10Sauwald BBQ167.3828
11Grillspitz BBQ Hunters165.6912
12Uncle Tony's Cockney Q165.6800
13Feher Nyul BBQ165.1084
14West Side BBQ164.0000
16Egghead Barbecue159.9660

Master Series: BRISKET

RankTeam NameTotal
1Bunch of Swines177.7028
2Uncle Tony's Cockney Q174.3200
3Team Natural Born Grillaz174.2628
4Egghead Barbecue173.1428
5Grillspitz BBQ Hunters169.7144
6Knockstone BBQ169.6916
7Feher Nyul BBQ169.1200
8White Squirrel BBQ169.1084
9BBQ Longhorn Austria167.4056
11Sauwald BBQ162.8228
13West Side BBQ158.2056
14Cooklounge BBQ155.3828
16Omerta - BBQ149.1544

Ancillary: DESSERT

RankTeam NameTotal
2Cooklounge BBQ177.1544
3Egghead Barbecue175.4056
4Knockstone BBQ174.2628
5Feher Nyul BBQ163.3828