Event Scores

Event: NYC BBQ Cookoff
Location: 441 Clark Ave
Staten Island, NY 10306
Date: 4/5/2019

Master Series - Overall Scores

Grand Champion: Uncle Pigs BBQ Pit
Reserve Champion: Top Gun Barbecue


RankTeam NameTotal
1Uncle Pigs BBQ Pit 687.9084
2Top Gun Barbecue 679.3372
3Smokin Hoggz BBQ 667.2796
4Old Town Smokers 666.7884
5Big Raz BBQ 665.6572
6Millers Backyard Bbq 662.8228
73 Eyz BBQ 658.7312
8KREWE DU QUE 655.9884
9Paddy McQs 655.8396
10Boggs Hog BBQ 654.6852
11Dante's Inferno 654.1596
12Reed Boyz 652.4572
13Dig'n N Pig'n 648.5600
14North Pole BBQ 648.4800
15Q Haven BBQ 646.7428
16Hot Rods BBQ Competition Team 646.0912
17Beerbeque 646.0680
18Wally BBQ 645.6456
19Backdraft Bar-B-Q CT 642.7656
20Bearded One BBQ 639.8972
21Weekendsmokers 629.6344
22B2B - Back to Basic 623.9316
23Hocus Smokus 594.6972
24Bronx Bombers BBQ Team 589.5772
25Big Dogz BBQ 556.3996
26Bubba's Barbikyu 442.6972

Individual Categories

Master Series: CHICKEN

RankTeam NameTotal
1Uncle Pigs BBQ Pit174.2628
2Millers Backyard Bbq174.2628
3Dig'n N Pig'n173.7600
43 Eyz BBQ171.9656
5Old Town Smokers171.4056
7Hot Rods BBQ Competition Team168.5372
8Top Gun Barbecue166.2628
9KREWE DU QUE165.1200
10Q Haven BBQ164.5716
11North Pole BBQ164.5600
12Boggs Hog BBQ162.2284
13Smokin Hoggz BBQ161.6456
14Bearded One BBQ161.1428
15Big Raz BBQ161.0856
16Dante's Inferno161.0856
17Hocus Smokus159.4172
18B2B - Back to Basic158.2972
19Backdraft Bar-B-Q CT157.1316
20Bronx Bombers BBQ Team156.0116
21Wally BBQ155.9656
22Reed Boyz153.7028
23Paddy McQs151.8968
25Bubba's Barbikyu143.3600
26Big Dogz BBQ129.6800

Master Series: PORK RIBS

RankTeam NameTotal
1Q Haven BBQ170.2628
2Reed Boyz169.6800
3Boggs Hog BBQ169.1200
4Smokin Hoggz BBQ167.4284
5B2B - Back to Basic165.1888
6Uncle Pigs BBQ Pit165.1200
7Hot Rods BBQ Competition Team164.5828
8Big Raz BBQ164.5716
9Top Gun Barbecue163.9544
11Dante's Inferno162.2856
12Dig'n N Pig'n162.2744
133 Eyz BBQ162.2628
14Paddy McQs161.7144
15Bearded One BBQ161.1088
16Wally BBQ160.0000
17Old Town Smokers159.4400
18North Pole BBQ158.8572
19Backdraft Bar-B-Q CT157.6456
20KREWE DU QUE153.1656
22Millers Backyard Bbq152.5600
23Bronx Bombers BBQ Team147.3256
24Big Dogz BBQ143.9768
25Hocus Smokus135.9544
26Bubba's Barbikyu130.7772

Master Series: PORK

RankTeam NameTotal
1Top Gun Barbecue174.2628
2Paddy McQs173.7028
3Millers Backyard Bbq170.8800
4Uncle Pigs BBQ Pit170.8228
5Big Raz BBQ170.2628
6Smokin Hoggz BBQ169.6800
7Dante's Inferno166.8228
8Old Town Smokers166.2628
9Boggs Hog BBQ166.2284
10Wally BBQ165.0972
11Hot Rods BBQ Competition Team165.0856
123 Eyz BBQ164.5600
13Dig'n N Pig'n163.9656
15B2B - Back to Basic163.4056
16KREWE DU QUE163.3828
17North Pole BBQ163.3828
18Bearded One BBQ161.1200
20Reed Boyz158.8116
21Q Haven BBQ156.5256
22Backdraft Bar-B-Q CT155.4056
23Hocus Smokus152.5372
24Bubba's Barbikyu148.5600
25Bronx Bombers BBQ Team143.9772
26Big Dogz BBQ141.6456

Master Series: BRISKET

RankTeam NameTotal
1Uncle Pigs BBQ Pit177.7028
2Top Gun Barbecue174.8572
3KREWE DU QUE174.3200
4Backdraft Bar-B-Q CT172.5828
5Reed Boyz170.2628
6Big Raz BBQ169.7372
7Old Town Smokers169.6800
8Paddy McQs168.5256
9Smokin Hoggz BBQ168.5256
10Millers Backyard Bbq165.1200
11Wally BBQ164.5828
12Dante's Inferno163.9656
13North Pole BBQ161.6800
153 Eyz BBQ159.9428
17Boggs Hog BBQ157.1084
18Bearded One BBQ156.5256
19Q Haven BBQ155.3828
20Dig'n N Pig'n148.5600
21Hot Rods BBQ Competition Team147.8856
22Hocus Smokus146.7884
23Bronx Bombers BBQ Team142.2628
24Big Dogz BBQ141.0972
25B2B - Back to Basic137.0400
26Bubba's Barbikyu20.0000