Event Scores

Event: Southern Hotwing Festival (COMPETITOR SERIES)
Location: Liberty Bowl Stadium
335 S Hollywood
Memphis, TN 38104
Date: 4/13/2019

*Unofficial Scores*

Competitor Series - Overall Scores


RankTeam NameTotal
1Sauced Up 180.0000
2Bacon Care of Business 178.8572
3New Wing Order 178.8572
4What The Cluck 178.8572
5Lounge Lizards 177.7600
6Hold My Beer and Watch This 177.7028
7Fowl Play 177.7028
8The Wing Dispensary 177.1544
9Buffalo Soldiers 10 175.4172
10Curly Tail Smokers 174.8572
11Smokin' Gringos BBQ 174.2628
12Wingy Dingy 173.1200
13Pirates of the Grillbbean 173.1084
14Fat Side Up 172.5600
15Wing Nutz 1 171.9772
16Wing Bling 171.9656
17Barnyard Pimps 171.9656
18Buffalo Soldiers 9 170.8344
19Memphis Sauce Gangstas 169.6684
20Wing Wang Twins 168.5372
21Boondock Smokers 168.5140
22Fowl Mouth Wings 167.3940
23Wing of Fire 167.3828
24The Unusual Saucespects 166.2400
25Mother Cluckers 165.6684
26Burnin' Love 165.1200
27Goose and His Wingmen 165.0740
28Treemendous Fryers 164.5256
29Catalina Wing Mixer 163.3712
30Wing Genius 163.3712
31Wing Wing Hello 162.2856
32Uncle Johns Bones 162.2400
33Suspicious Thighs 161.0972
34Game of Bones 160.5144
35Glazed and Confused 136.9600

Individual Categories

Competitor Series: FINAL HOT WINGS

RankTeam NameTotal
1Sauced Up180.0000
2New Wing Order178.8572
3What The Cluck178.8572
4Bacon Care of Business178.8572
5Lounge Lizards177.7600
6Fowl Play177.7028
7Hold My Beer and Watch This177.7028
8The Wing Dispensary177.1544
9Buffalo Soldiers 10175.4172
10Curly Tail Smokers174.8572
11Smokin' Gringos BBQ174.2628
12Wingy Dingy173.1200
13Pirates of the Grillbbean173.1084
14Fat Side Up172.5600
15Wing Nutz 1171.9772
16Barnyard Pimps171.9656
17Wing Bling171.9656
18Buffalo Soldiers 9170.8344
19Memphis Sauce Gangstas169.6684
20Wing Wang Twins168.5372
21Boondock Smokers168.5140
22Fowl Mouth Wings167.3940
23Wing of Fire167.3828
24The Unusual Saucespects166.2400
25Mother Cluckers165.6684
26Burnin' Love165.1200
27Goose and His Wingmen165.0740
28Treemendous Fryers164.5256
29Catalina Wing Mixer163.3712
30Wing Genius163.3712
31Wing Wing Hello162.2856
32Uncle Johns Bones162.2400
33Suspicious Thighs161.0972
34Game of Bones160.5144
35Glazed and Confused136.9600


RankTeam NameTotal
1Burnin' Love177.7144
2New Wing Order177.1428
3Buffalo Soldiers 10177.1428
4Sauced Up176.0000
5Suspicious Thighs176.0000
6Treemendous Fryers175.4172
7Barnyard Pimps175.4172
8Fat Side Up175.4056
9Wing Genius175.4056
10Wingy Dingy174.8456
11Memphis Sauce Gangstas174.8456
12Goose and His Wingmen174.2628
13Curly Tail Smokers173.7028
14Wing of Fire173.7028
15Fowl Mouth Wings173.1544
16Uncle Johns Bones173.1428
17Wing Bling173.1428
18Glazed and Confused173.1200
19The Unusual Saucespects172.5600
20What The Cluck172.5600
22Buffalo Soldiers 9171.9884
23Fowl Play171.9656
24Lounge Lizards171.9656
25Pirates of the Grillbbean171.4172
26Boondock Smokers171.4172
27Hold My Beer and Watch This171.4056
28Wing Nutz 1170.8800
29The Wing Dispensary170.2856
30Wing Wing Hello170.2856
31Bacon Care of Business170.2628
32Smokin' Gringos BBQ170.2628
33Mother Cluckers169.6684
34Wing Wang Twins169.1200
35Catalina Wing Mixer168.5600
36Game of Bones168.5484
37Hypnotize Wangz167.9656
38Thuper Thuace167.3828
39Medical Grade Wings166.2628
40Wing Don't Bluff166.2400
41Shama Lama Wing Dong166.2400
42Memphis As Cluck165.7144
43Victory Lane BBQ165.6800
44Adventure River Concessions164.5600
45Pirates of the Capsaicin163.9884
46Fire Trouble163.9428
47Wing Tang Clan162.8112
48Cluck Norris162.7884
49Nuttin' But A Wing Thing162.2856
50Deez Wings & Deez Nuts162.2744
51Heavenly Wing Master162.2628
52Wing Nutz 3160.0000
53Fowl Balls159.9544
54Purple People Eaters159.4172
56Burnin' Wing of Fire158.2172
57Wing Nutz 2155.9428
58Junkyard Birds153.7028
59Rat Pack Wing Team111.7256
60The Wing Factory20.0000