Event Scores

Event: Smoke on the Falls
Location: 1500 Noccalula Rd
Gadsden, AL 35904
Date: 4/12/2019

Master Series - Overall Scores

Grand Champion: Contagious Q
Reserve Champion: Choo Choo BBQ


RankTeam NameTotal
1Contagious Q 699.9656
2Choo Choo BBQ 690.2172
3Fat, Drunk & Stupid 687.9544
4Smoke on This 683.3024
5Hot Cole's BBQ 682.7540
6Bunch of Butts 681.6116
7Smoke Me Silly 678.7428
8Smokin Chuck's Wagon 676.4688
9Sheats Smoked Meats 675.3028
10Rooters -N- Tooters 675.3024
11The Specialists 674.7656
12Chokin "N" tha Smoke 673.6804
13Bee's Knees 671.8744
14Jiggy Piggy 670.7316
15Extra Mile BBQ 669.5540
16Slayton's BBQ Company 664.9828
17Bush League BBQ 663.2796
18Hammondville Hawg Mafia 661.5540
19Smokin The Good Stuff 660.3884
20Baldys Butts 659.2568
21Stewbaby's BBQ 657.0284
22Crimson Q 656.4684
23The Hicktown BBQ 648.9256
24Fat Bear BBQ 628.9488
25East Coast BBQ 627.7944
26Butt Naked and Smokin 626.6856
27Crazy Legs BBQ 621.4972
28Blackstone BBQ 603.2112
29BBQ A La Bama 600.4004
30Pig out of Trion 479.2572

Backyard Series - Overall Scores


RankTeam NameTotal
1Perfectly Blended Competition BBQ 346.8456
2Dixie Pigs & Chick 346.8228
3Hickory Hangover 345.6916
4The 4th Little Pig 344.5256
52nd Hand Smoke 344.5256
6South Ryland 342.8572
7Thin Blue Swine 342.7884
8Lee La Q 342.2512
9Sweet Cheeks Pit BBQ 341.6456
10Slingin Pig Meat 341.0972
11Bama Boys BBQ 338.8232
12Cala-Bama Q 338.2516
13Riblife 337.6800
14Smokin a Fatty 337.6456
15PuckDaddy's Killer Q 337.0744
16Dang Good BBQ 336.5028
17Bama Que'n & Brew'n 334.8228
18Bubba-Q 334.8116
19Silence of the Hams 334.8116
20Swine 'N' Brine BBQ 333.0744
21Holy Smokin 332.4800
22Cuz it Hurtts 331.3828
23Poppalicious 329.0972
24JT's Smoke Shack 328.4912
25Brothers BBQ Company 327.9200
26Native Smokers 327.3828
27Hogs & Kisses 327.3716
28Smokin Hot Ashes 326.7772
294 Seasons BBQ 325.6456
30All Smoked Up 324.5144
31Simply Smoked 324.5144
32Billy Mac BBQ 323.9660
33Bust 323.9544
34Saucy Swine BBQ 322.2400
35Rolling Tide Smoking Butts 321.1316
36Partty All Knight 321.0056
37Tasty Critters 320.4572
38Hell on Squeals 319.8972
39Pork Life 314.7544
40Rollin Smoke 311.3372
41Circle W Meats 310.2288
42A Pirate Looks at Porky 304.5144
43Green Machine 303.9888
44Ain't Life Grand 303.8856
45Cowboys & Saints 302.7772
46JoJo's Butts 291.8628
47Smokey & The Bandits BBQ 285.0400
48Redbones BBQ 163.9428
49Ribs For Your Pleasure 161.6456

Individual Categories

Master Series: CHICKEN

RankTeam NameTotal
1Contagious Q180.0000
2Choo Choo BBQ180.0000
3Chokin "N" tha Smoke176.5600
4The Specialists174.2628
5Hot Cole's BBQ174.2628
6Extra Mile BBQ173.1084
7Bunch of Butts172.5716
8Slayton's BBQ Company171.9772
9Rooters -N- Tooters171.9656
10Smoke on This170.8112
11Stewbaby's BBQ169.7256
12The Hicktown BBQ169.1200
13Bee's Knees169.1200
14Crimson Q168.5600
15Smoke Me Silly168.5372
16Jiggy Piggy167.3828
17Smokin The Good Stuff166.8344
18Baldys Butts166.8228
19Fat, Drunk & Stupid166.8228
20Smokin Chuck's Wagon165.0972
21Hammondville Hawg Mafia165.0856
22Bush League BBQ163.9312
23BBQ A La Bama161.6916
24Crazy Legs BBQ159.9428
25Sheats Smoked Meats159.9428
26Fat Bear BBQ157.0972
27Blackstone BBQ156.5372
28Pig out of Trion154.2056
29Butt Naked and Smokin151.3828
30East Coast BBQ149.6800

Master Series: PORK RIBS

RankTeam NameTotal
1Bee's Knees178.8572
2Sheats Smoked Meats176.5600
3Smoke Me Silly174.2744
4Smoke on This173.1200
5Fat, Drunk & Stupid172.5944
6The Specialists171.9772
7Contagious Q171.4056
8Smokin Chuck's Wagon170.8572
9Chokin "N" tha Smoke170.2860
10Jiggy Piggy169.6916
11Bunch of Butts169.6800
12Hot Cole's BBQ169.6800
13Rooters -N- Tooters169.1200
14Stewbaby's BBQ167.9772
15Bush League BBQ166.2400
16Extra Mile BBQ164.5372
17Choo Choo BBQ163.9544
18Pig out of Trion162.8116
19Smokin The Good Stuff162.7884
20East Coast BBQ161.6572
21Crimson Q161.6572
22Butt Naked and Smokin159.9428
23Slayton's BBQ Company158.8000
24Blackstone BBQ158.2856
25Hammondville Hawg Mafia158.2400
26The Hicktown BBQ157.6572
27Crazy Legs BBQ156.5372
28BBQ A La Bama154.2288
29Baldys Butts153.0628
30Fat Bear BBQ151.9200

Master Series: PORK

RankTeam NameTotal
1Choo Choo BBQ176.0000
2Contagious Q175.4172
3Fat, Drunk & Stupid173.1200
4Hot Cole's BBQ172.5484
5Hammondville Hawg Mafia172.0000
6Sheats Smoked Meats170.2744
7Baldys Butts169.7028
8Rooters -N- Tooters167.9656
9Jiggy Piggy167.4172
10Bunch of Butts167.3828
11Butt Naked and Smokin166.8456
12Smokin Chuck's Wagon166.2400
13Bush League BBQ165.7028
14Smokin The Good Stuff165.6800
15Fat Bear BBQ165.1200
16Crimson Q164.5256
17Smoke on This164.5256
18Crazy Legs BBQ163.9772
19Stewbaby's BBQ163.9428
20Smoke Me Silly162.2284
21Extra Mile BBQ162.2284
22Slayton's BBQ Company161.6456
23Bee's Knees161.6456
24Chokin "N" tha Smoke161.0972
25The Hicktown BBQ159.3484
26The Specialists157.0856
27East Coast BBQ153.6228
28Blackstone BBQ148.4684
29BBQ A La Bama142.8228

Master Series: BRISKET

RankTeam NameTotal
1Fat, Drunk & Stupid175.4172
2Smoke on This174.8456
3Smokin Chuck's Wagon174.2744
4Smoke Me Silly173.7028
5Contagious Q173.1428
6Slayton's BBQ Company172.5600
7Bunch of Butts171.9772
8The Specialists171.4400
9Choo Choo BBQ170.2628
10Extra Mile BBQ169.6800
11Baldys Butts169.6684
12Sheats Smoked Meats168.5256
13Bush League BBQ167.4056
14Hot Cole's BBQ166.2628
15Rooters -N- Tooters166.2512
16Jiggy Piggy166.2400
17Hammondville Hawg Mafia166.2284
18Chokin "N" tha Smoke165.7372
19Smokin The Good Stuff165.0856
20East Coast BBQ162.8344
21The Hicktown BBQ162.8000
22Bee's Knees162.2516
23Pig out of Trion162.2400
24Crimson Q161.7256
25Stewbaby's BBQ155.3828
26Fat Bear BBQ154.8116
27Butt Naked and Smokin148.5144
28BBQ A La Bama141.6572
29Crazy Legs BBQ141.0400
30Blackstone BBQ139.9200


RankTeam NameTotal
2Lee La Q174.2856
3The 4th Little Pig174.2628
4Slingin Pig Meat174.2628
5Perfectly Blended Competition BBQ173.1428
6Bama Boys BBQ173.1316
7Swine 'N' Brine BBQ172.5600
9South Ryland172.0000
10Dang Good BBQ171.9772
11Dixie Pigs & Chick171.4056
12Hickory Hangover170.2744
13Thin Blue Swine169.6684
14Smokin Hot Ashes168.5600
15Hogs & Kisses168.5600
16Cala-Bama Q167.4172
17Bama Que'n & Brew'n167.4056
18PuckDaddy's Killer Q166.2400
19Sweet Cheeks Pit BBQ166.2284
202nd Hand Smoke165.6684
22All Smoked Up164.5600
23Cuz it Hurtts164.0000
25Hell on Squeals163.9544
26Silence of the Hams163.9544
27Holy Smokin163.9428
28Redbones BBQ163.9428
29Smokin a Fatty163.3828
30Partty All Knight162.8000
31Native Smokers161.6684
32Brothers BBQ Company161.6684
33Pork Life161.6572
34Ribs For Your Pleasure161.6456
35Simply Smoked161.1200
36JT's Smoke Shack160.5140
37Cowboys & Saints158.2400
38Tasty Critters158.2172
394 Seasons BBQ155.9312
40JoJo's Butts155.3828
41Circle W Meats154.8228
42Billy Mac BBQ154.2516
43Green Machine153.6916
44A Pirate Looks at Porky153.0972
45Rolling Tide Smoking Butts151.9656
46Saucy Swine BBQ151.9316
47Rollin Smoke150.7884
48Ain't Life Grand150.2400
49Smokey & The Bandits BBQ143.9656

Backyard Series: BACKYARD RIBS

RankTeam NameTotal
12nd Hand Smoke178.8572
2Dixie Pigs & Chick175.4172
3Sweet Cheeks Pit BBQ175.4172
4Hickory Hangover175.4172
5Smokin a Fatty174.2628
6Perfectly Blended Competition BBQ173.7028
7Thin Blue Swine173.1200
8South Ryland170.8572
9Silence of the Hams170.8572
10Cala-Bama Q170.8344
11PuckDaddy's Killer Q170.8344
13Saucy Swine BBQ170.3084
14The 4th Little Pig170.2628
15Billy Mac BBQ169.7144
164 Seasons BBQ169.7144
17Rolling Tide Smoking Butts169.1660
18Holy Smokin168.5372
19JT's Smoke Shack167.9772
20Lee La Q167.9656
21Bama Que'n & Brew'n167.4172
22Cuz it Hurtts167.3828
23Slingin Pig Meat166.8344
24Brothers BBQ Company166.2516
25Native Smokers165.7144
26Bama Boys BBQ165.6916
27Dang Good BBQ164.5256
28Simply Smoked163.3944
30Tasty Critters162.2400
31Rollin Smoke160.5488
32Swine 'N' Brine BBQ160.5144
33All Smoked Up159.9544
35Hogs & Kisses158.8116
36Smokin Hot Ashes158.2172
37Partty All Knight158.2056
39Hell on Squeals155.9428
40Circle W Meats155.4060
41Ain't Life Grand153.6456
42Pork Life153.0972
43A Pirate Looks at Porky151.4172
44Green Machine150.2972
45Cowboys & Saints144.5372
46Smokey & The Bandits BBQ141.0744
47JoJo's Butts136.4800