Event Scores

Event: Corums Building Center BBQ
Location: 408 Highway 31
Harselle, AL 35640
Date: 3/8/2019

Backyard Series - Overall Scores


RankTeam NameTotal
1Sweet Cheeks BBQ 350.2628
2Hickory Hangover 345.6684
3Puck Daddy's BBQ 338.8228
4Murphys Backyard BBQ 338.2744
5Wynns BBQ 338.2744
6Thin Blue Swine 338.2056
7Perfectly Blended 337.6340
8Lee La Q 337.1200
9Hell on Squeals 335.9544
10South Ryland 335.3600
11PARTTY all KNIGHT 335.3484
12Redbones BBQ 334.2284
13Lennox and Son BBQ and Company 333.6800
14Ribs For Your Pleasure 333.6684
15Dixie Pigs and Chicks BBQ Team 333.6344
16Riblife 332.5144
17Bonnie Blue BBQ 331.9544
18All Smoked Up 330.8000
19Slingin Pig Meat 330.7888
20Beer Pressure 330.2284
21Smoking Hot Ashes 328.5140
22Hogs and Kisses 327.3140
23Gustoso BBQ 325.6344
24Pit Row BBQ 324.4916
25The Meat Whisperers 323.3712
26Natty Que 322.2172
27Twin States BBQ 321.0744
28Blowin Smoke BBQ 321.0516
29Smokin A Fatty BBQ 321.0172
30Simply Smoked 318.7776
31Bama Boys BBQ 318.2172
32Mid Life Smokers 318.1712
33Rocket City Moonshiners 316.5260
34Brothers BBQ Company 306.2056

Individual Categories


RankTeam NameTotal
1Sweet Cheeks BBQ177.7028
2Thin Blue Swine176.5600
3South Ryland173.7144
4Wynns BBQ172.5600
5Slingin Pig Meat169.6916
6Dixie Pigs and Chicks BBQ Team169.6800
7Hickory Hangover169.6684
8Bonnie Blue BBQ169.1316
9Perfectly Blended169.1084
10Hell on Squeals167.9772
11Beer Pressure167.3828
13Lee La Q166.8228
14Gustoso BBQ166.8228
15Lennox and Son BBQ and Company166.2856
16Smoking Hot Ashes165.7028
17Puck Daddy's BBQ165.6684
18PARTTY all KNIGHT165.0856
19All Smoked Up164.5256
20Ribs For Your Pleasure163.4056
21Murphys Backyard BBQ163.3828
22Blowin Smoke BBQ163.3828
23Rocket City Moonshiners162.8116
24Twin States BBQ161.6916
25Redbones BBQ161.1084
26Pit Row BBQ161.0972
27Brothers BBQ Company160.5256
28Natty Que159.4172
29Hogs and Kisses157.6340
30Smokin A Fatty BBQ157.0744
31Simply Smoked154.8116
32Bama Boys BBQ151.9772
33Mid Life Smokers150.2056
34The Meat Whisperers149.6456

Backyard Series: BACKYARD RIBS

RankTeam NameTotal
1Hickory Hangover176.0000
2Murphys Backyard BBQ174.8916
3The Meat Whisperers173.7256
4Puck Daddy's BBQ173.1544
5Redbones BBQ173.1200
6Sweet Cheeks BBQ172.5600
7Lee La Q170.2972
8PARTTY all KNIGHT170.2628
9Ribs For Your Pleasure170.2628
10Hogs and Kisses169.6800
11Perfectly Blended168.5256
12Hell on Squeals167.9772
13Mid Life Smokers167.9656
14Lennox and Son BBQ and Company167.3944
15All Smoked Up166.2744
16Bama Boys BBQ166.2400
17Wynns BBQ165.7144
19Simply Smoked163.9660
20Dixie Pigs and Chicks BBQ Team163.9544
21Smokin A Fatty BBQ163.9428
22Pit Row BBQ163.3944
23Beer Pressure162.8456
24Bonnie Blue BBQ162.8228
25Smoking Hot Ashes162.8112
26Natty Que162.8000
27South Ryland161.6456
28Thin Blue Swine161.6456
29Slingin Pig Meat161.0972
30Twin States BBQ159.3828
31Gustoso BBQ158.8116
32Blowin Smoke BBQ157.6688
33Rocket City Moonshiners153.7144
34Brothers BBQ Company145.6800

Ancillary: STEAK

RankTeam NameTotal
1Rocket City Moonshiners174.8688
2Smokin A Fatty BBQ174.3200
3Lee La Q173.1544
4Simply Smoked172.6056
5Redbones BBQ169.1428
6Beer Pressure169.1084
7South Ryland168.5600
8Mid Life Smokers167.4516
9Bama Boys BBQ166.8684
11Hell on Squeals165.7488
12Blowin Smoke BBQ165.7028
13Dixie Pigs and Chicks BBQ Team165.1544
14Smoking Hot Ashes160.5944
15Fat, Drunk, & Stupid159.9544
16Sweet Cheeks BBQ154.2744
17Wynns BBQ153.1316
18PNJ BarBQ152.0000
19Joe Tankersley151.9772
20Slingin Pig Meat146.2284