Event Scores

Event: Dr.George Smith BBQ Brawl (COMPETITORS SERIES)
Location: Cannonsburgh Village, 312 Front Street
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Date: 5/11/2019

*Unofficial Scores*

Competitor Series - Overall Scores


RankTeam NameTotal
1Smokin' Bandits BBQ 522.3088
2Big B's BBQ 519.3944
3The Big Orange Smokers 515.8968
4Doss BBQ and Steak 515.3600
5LEE LA Q 513.0628
6Pig Destroyer 512.5260
7Creekbank Smokers 511.3484
8Buckeye Barbeque 511.3484
92 Swine Crew 510.8000
10Veteran Pork Pullers 506.8116
11991 BBQ 505.0744
12Grumpy Old Smokers 500.4456
13Smokey Mountain Q 498.8572
14Serious Hog 498.8000
15Barking Pig BBQ 497.5656
16Smokin in the Country 496.5372
17Notorious P.I.G 496.4800
18Purdoms BBQ 495.9656
19AdamsBarbecue 495.9200
20Pig Sicles 494.7884
21Prater's BBQ 492.4800
23Mini Fusion 490.3088
24Smokin Pimp 489.0744
25Moonshiner BBQ 488.5828
26Bama Que'n & Brew'n 488.5140
27Big Boyz BBQ 483.3488
28Barbecue Republic 482.7312
29Hunka Burnin Butts 482.7312
30Bourbon Pigs Barbeque 482.7200
31Volunteer Q 479.3944
32Playground Smokers 478.2284
33Bacon and Eggs 477.6572
34Brad's Pit 477.6120
35Smoke In The Grove 475.3028
36Legacy Barbecue 449.0744
37Granny's Clubside Cookers 445.0512
38RPQue 352.6400
39Sweet Cheeks Pit BBQ 334.2056
40Battleground BBQ 323.3828
41Bulldog BBQ 317.1316

Individual Categories

Competitor Series: CHICKEN

RankTeam NameTotal
1Doss BBQ and Steak176.5600
2Smokin' Bandits BBQ176.5600
3Creekbank Smokers176.5600
4Pig Destroyer175.4172
5Big B's BBQ174.2744
6Buckeye Barbeque173.7028
7Veteran Pork Pullers170.8344
8Bulldog BBQ168.5600
9Serious Hog168.5600
102 Swine Crew168.5484
11Pig Sicles168.5484
12LEE LA Q168.5256
13Smokin in the Country168.5256
14Sweet Cheeks Pit BBQ168.5256
15991 BBQ167.3828
16Grumpy Old Smokers167.3828
17Smokin Pimp166.2628
18Prater's BBQ166.2400
19Notorious P.I.G165.1200
20Bourbon Pigs Barbeque165.1200
21The Big Orange Smokers165.0740
22Moonshiner BBQ164.5484
24Smoke In The Grove163.9656
25Mini Fusion163.4400
26Barking Pig BBQ161.6456
27Purdoms BBQ160.5828
28Hunka Burnin Butts159.9428
29Volunteer Q158.8112
30Smokey Mountain Q157.7028
31Playground Smokers157.6684
32Big Boyz BBQ157.1200
33Brad's Pit156.5372
34Bama Que'n & Brew'n156.5028
36Barbecue Republic150.8112
37Bacon and Eggs146.8228
38Legacy Barbecue138.2284
39Granny's Clubside Cookers135.9656

Competitor Series: RIBS

RankTeam NameTotal
1The Big Orange Smokers176.5600
2Smokin' Bandits BBQ172.5716
3Bama Que'n & Brew'n169.7028
4Big B's BBQ169.6800
5Serious Hog169.1200
6Pig Destroyer168.5372
7Purdoms BBQ168.5256
92 Swine Crew167.9772
10Barking Pig BBQ166.2400
11Sweet Cheeks Pit BBQ165.6800
12991 BBQ165.1316
13LEE LA Q164.5372
14Buckeye Barbeque164.5256
15Hunka Burnin Butts163.4056
16Doss BBQ and Steak163.3944
17Bacon and Eggs162.8344
18Creekbank Smokers162.7884
19Smokey Mountain Q162.2972
20Pig Sicles162.2744
21Barbecue Republic162.2400
22Big Boyz BBQ161.6916
23Smokin Pimp161.6688
24Battleground BBQ160.5600
25Notorious P.I.G160.5256
26Grumpy Old Smokers160.5028
27Smokin in the Country160.0116
29Veteran Pork Pullers159.4172
30Mini Fusion157.1544
31Legacy Barbecue156.5944
33Moonshiner BBQ156.0344
34Brad's Pit155.3832
35Volunteer Q154.2632
36Playground Smokers153.7028
37Prater's BBQ150.8228
38Bulldog BBQ148.5716
39Bourbon Pigs Barbeque148.4800
40Granny's Clubside Cookers145.6456
41Smoke In The Grove142.1828

Competitor Series: ANYTHING BUT

RankTeam NameTotal
1LEE LA Q180.0000
2Smokey Mountain Q178.8572
3Veteran Pork Pullers176.5600
4Big B's BBQ175.4400
5Prater's BBQ175.4172
6Doss BBQ and Steak175.4056
82 Swine Crew174.2744
9The Big Orange Smokers174.2628
10Smokin' Bandits BBQ173.1772
12Buckeye Barbeque173.1200
13Grumpy Old Smokers172.5600
14991 BBQ172.5600
15Creekbank Smokers172.0000
16Notorious P.I.G170.8344
17Mini Fusion169.7144
18Barking Pig BBQ169.6800
19Barbecue Republic169.6800
20Smoke In The Grove169.1544
21Bourbon Pigs Barbeque169.1200
23Pig Destroyer168.5716
24Moonshiner BBQ168.0000
25Bacon and Eggs168.0000
26Smokin in the Country168.0000
27Purdoms BBQ166.8572
28Playground Smokers166.8572
29Volunteer Q166.3200
30Brad's Pit165.6916
31Big Boyz BBQ164.5372
32Pig Sicles163.9656
33Granny's Clubside Cookers163.4400
34Battleground BBQ162.8228
35Bama Que'n & Brew'n162.3084
36Smokin Pimp161.1428
37Serious Hog161.1200
38Hunka Burnin Butts159.3828
39Legacy Barbecue154.2516