Event Scores

Event: Meat the East
Location: Hengelo, 7534 MK
Date: 4/13/2019

Master Series - Overall Scores

Grand Champion: Backcorner BBQ
Reserve Champion: IQ BBQ


RankTeam NameTotal
1Backcorner BBQ 683.9196
2IQ BBQ 682.2740
3BBQ 682.2628
4BBQ Wiesel 681.6340
5Southern Dutch BBQ 680.4684
6010Braai 677.6228
7M&G BBQ 674.2400
8Parkstad Smokers 674.2056
9Bughouse Smokers 674.1824
10Viking BBQ 665.0744
11Dutch Bros Smokers 659.2572
12Dutch BBQ crew 658.2628
13Masters of Fire 658.1484
14Uncle Tony's cockney Q 656.4456
15De Vliegende Hollander 656.4112
16Osdorp Grillers 654.1940
17Dutch BBQ Friends 654.1484
18The Dutchef 651.9312
19Big Boys Barbecue NL 651.9088
20Smoking Porketeers 650.6856
21Rokende Regahs 645.6692
22Smokey Bandits 645.6228
23Riverland Smokers 644.4112
24Lowland Smokers 643.9080
25Triple T Ladies 641.6348
26DTC Smokers 641.6344
27It's Spice That's Meats You 639.9660
28The Popes White Smoke 638.1484
29Chilichef 638.0912
30Triple T Gents 637.0172
31RFS BBQ team 632.9712
32Smoking Aces BBQ 628.9368
33Buurman & Buurman 626.8572
34Ruhrgold BBQ demo Team 624.4116
35Dungeon Smokers 622.7196
36Theo's Barbecue 619.1768
37Knappen Barbecrew 615.8512
38Born2grilll 615.8172
39Meat the Neighbours 612.9032
40All Seasoned Dutch BBQ team 612.4000
41BBQ reizende mannen 610.2056

Individual Categories

Master Series: CHICKEN

RankTeam NameTotal
1Parkstad Smokers175.4172
2BBQ 175.4056
3Viking BBQ174.8800
4Dutch BBQ Friends173.1200
5Southern Dutch BBQ171.9656
6Osdorp Grillers170.8456
7De Vliegende Hollander170.2856
9Rokende Regahs169.6916
11Bughouse Smokers169.6684
12IQ BBQ168.5256
13Masters of Fire168.5256
14It's Spice That's Meats You168.0344
15Big Boys Barbecue NL167.4172
16Meat the Neighbours167.4172
17Backcorner BBQ167.4056
18Theo's Barbecue166.8228
19M&G BBQ166.8228
20Uncle Tony's cockney Q166.2284
21BBQ Wiesel166.2284
22The Dutchef165.6912
23Lowland Smokers165.6912
24Dutch Bros Smokers165.6800
25DTC Smokers165.1544
26Triple T Ladies165.1200
27Buurman & Buurman164.5600
28Triple T Gents163.4284
29Smoking Porketeers163.3828
31Dutch BBQ crew161.7028
32Smoking Aces BBQ160.5600
33Riverland Smokers160.5256
34The Popes White Smoke159.9656
35Ruhrgold BBQ demo Team159.4172
36Smokey Bandits157.7372
37RFS BBQ team157.6800
38All Seasoned Dutch BBQ team154.8000
39BBQ reizende mannen154.2972
40Knappen Barbecrew145.1084
41Dungeon Smokers144.5140

Master Series: PORK RIBS

RankTeam NameTotal
1M&G BBQ176.5944
2BBQ Wiesel176.5600
4The Popes White Smoke173.7372
5Uncle Tony's cockney Q173.1316
6Backcorner BBQ171.9772
7Southern Dutch BBQ170.2972
8IQ BBQ169.7144
9BBQ 166.8800
10Triple T Ladies166.8688
11Viking BBQ166.8344
12Dutch BBQ crew166.2400
13Ruhrgold BBQ demo Team165.6800
14Smokey Bandits164.5256
15Lowland Smokers164.0000
16Parkstad Smokers163.9772
17The Dutchef163.4172
18Riverland Smokers162.2972
19Buurman & Buurman162.2744
20Masters of Fire159.3828
21All Seasoned Dutch BBQ team159.3716
23Dutch Bros Smokers158.8000
24De Vliegende Hollander158.8000
25Meat the Neighbours158.2632
26RFS BBQ team157.6800
27Big Boys Barbecue NL157.6688
28Dutch BBQ Friends156.5600
29Osdorp Grillers156.5372
30Bughouse Smokers155.9656
31It's Spice That's Meats You155.4172
32Smoking Porketeers155.3600
34Rokende Regahs153.7260
35Dungeon Smokers153.6456
36DTC Smokers152.5372
37Theo's Barbecue152.4800
38Triple T Gents150.2516
39Knappen Barbecrew147.9772
40Smoking Aces BBQ146.7656
41BBQ reizende mannen138.2400

Master Series: PORK

RankTeam NameTotal
1Backcorner BBQ177.1428
2Masters of Fire174.2972
3BBQ Wiesel174.2972
4IQ BBQ174.2856
5Bughouse Smokers171.9884
6Knappen Barbecrew171.4056
7Rokende Regahs169.7372
8BBQ 169.6800
9Southern Dutch BBQ168.5256
10Dutch BBQ crew168.0000
12The Dutchef167.4284
13Osdorp Grillers167.4056
14Uncle Tony's cockney Q165.7144
15Dutch Bros Smokers165.0972
16Big Boys Barbecue NL164.5484
17Smoking Porketeers163.9772
18DTC Smokers163.3828
19Parkstad Smokers162.8456
20Smoking Aces BBQ162.2400
21RFS BBQ team162.2284
22Ruhrgold BBQ demo Team161.6800
23M&G BBQ159.9656
24Dutch BBQ Friends159.9428
25Smokey Bandits159.4172
26Triple T Gents158.8116
27De Vliegende Hollander158.8000
28Dungeon Smokers158.2628
29It's Spice That's Meats You158.2400
30Lowland Smokers157.6684
32All Seasoned Dutch BBQ team155.4400
33Buurman & Buurman155.4400
34Riverland Smokers155.3484
35Viking BBQ154.2400
36BBQ reizende mannen154.2400
37Meat the Neighbours154.2056
38Theo's Barbecue152.5484
39Triple T Ladies150.7888
40The Popes White Smoke147.9428

Master Series: BRISKET

RankTeam NameTotal
1Bughouse Smokers176.5600
2Parkstad Smokers171.9656
3M&G BBQ170.8572
4BBQ 170.2972
5IQ BBQ169.7484
6Dutch Bros Smokers169.6800
7Southern Dutch BBQ169.6800
8Viking BBQ169.1200
9De Vliegende Hollander168.5256
10Smoking Porketeers167.9656
11Backcorner BBQ167.3940
12Dungeon Smokers166.2972
13Riverland Smokers166.2400
15BBQ Wiesel164.5484
16Triple T Gents164.5256
17Dutch BBQ Friends164.5256
18Smokey Bandits163.9428
19BBQ reizende mannen163.4284
20Dutch BBQ crew162.3200
21Big Boys Barbecue NL162.2744
22DTC Smokers160.5600
24Osdorp Grillers159.4056
25Smoking Aces BBQ159.3712
26Triple T Ladies158.8572
27It's Spice That's Meats You158.2744
28Lowland Smokers156.5484
29The Popes White Smoke156.5028
30Masters of Fire155.9428
31The Dutchef155.3944
32RFS BBQ team155.3828
33Rokende Regahs152.5144
34Uncle Tony's cockney Q151.3712
35Knappen Barbecrew151.3600
37Theo's Barbecue147.3256
38Buurman & Buurman144.5828
39All Seasoned Dutch BBQ team142.7884
40Ruhrgold BBQ demo Team137.6344
41Meat the Neighbours133.0172


RankTeam NameTotal
1BBQ reizende mannen173.1200
2Lowland Smokers164.5256
3Dutch BBQ Friends163.4172
4Smoking Aces BBQ162.2400
5Smoking Porketeers157.6572
6The Dutchef151.9200