Event Scores

Event: Fire it up Frostproof!
Location: 71 N Lake Reedy RD
Frostproof, FL 33843
Date: 4/12/2019

Master Series - Overall Scores

Grand Champion: Pig-Chicka-Cow-Cow
Reserve Champion: Lucky's Q


RankTeam NameTotal
1Pig-Chicka-Cow-Cow 698.2284
2Lucky's Q 695.9428
3Knife Pork and Spoon 687.9316
4Hot Wachula's 686.1944
5Smokin Blue Q 682.7312
6Smokin' Ain't EZ BBQ 680.5028
7Sweet Smoke Q 678.2172
8Going Yard BBQ 676.5488
9Double Barrel Smokers 674.7544
10Hogs Gone Wild BBQ 674.1716
11BackMan Competition BBQ Team 672.4688
12R.C. Buck's Grillin' Team 671.8512
13Backyard Bro's 670.1368
14Stokin' Smoke 669.6000
1527 South BBQ 667.3716
16Florida Boys 661.7028
17Huff N Puff 660.9944
18Swamp Boys 658.1144
19Big Papa's Country Kitchen 654.6744
20Smokin' N Pokin" 639.8628
21Hog Jaws 639.2684
22The Woodhouse Grill 631.7944
23UB Smokin' 623.8292
24The Cookin Comedian 623.2232
25Triple Cross BBQ and Steak 492.5028

Backyard Series - Overall Scores


RankTeam NameTotal
1White Lightning 663.3716
2Cyclone BBQ 659.2684
3Done Right Smokin' 654.1256
4Hodge Podge BBQ 646.0572
5Bearded Monkeys Twisted Q 628.9832
6Kimley-Horn 622.6968
7Wicked Oak Barbeque 622.5484
82 Brothers BBQ 619.3028
9Nev's Gulf Coast BBQ 610.7428
10K & E's Little Smokers 607.2796

Individual Categories

Master Series: CHICKEN

RankTeam NameTotal
1Knife Pork and Spoon178.2972
3Lucky's Q175.4172
4Hot Wachula's174.8572
5Sweet Smoke Q174.8572
6Smokin Blue Q174.2628
7Florida Boys172.0228
8Double Barrel Smokers171.9772
9Backyard Bro's168.5256
10Smokin' Ain't EZ BBQ167.9772
11Stokin' Smoke167.4172
12BackMan Competition BBQ Team167.3944
13R.C. Buck's Grillin' Team167.3828
14Hogs Gone Wild BBQ166.2400
1527 South BBQ165.6916
16Huff N Puff165.6800
17Triple Cross BBQ and Steak165.6684
18Big Papa's Country Kitchen165.0972
19Going Yard BBQ164.5716
20Swamp Boys164.5256
21UB Smokin'163.3944
22The Woodhouse Grill162.8116
23Hog Jaws162.8000
24The Cookin Comedian162.8000
25Smokin' N Pokin"161.1084

Master Series: PORK RIBS

RankTeam NameTotal
1Knife Pork and Spoon177.7144
2Florida Boys175.4744
3Smokin' Ain't EZ BBQ175.4400
4Going Yard BBQ175.4288
5Smokin Blue Q174.2628
7BackMan Competition BBQ Team171.4172
8Lucky's Q171.4056
9R.C. Buck's Grillin' Team169.1200
10Hogs Gone Wild BBQ169.1200
11Stokin' Smoke168.5372
12Backyard Bro's167.9772
13Big Papa's Country Kitchen167.3828
14Sweet Smoke Q166.8344
15Swamp Boys166.8228
16Hot Wachula's166.2400
17Double Barrel Smokers165.1316
18Huff N Puff161.6572
1927 South BBQ161.1428
20The Cookin Comedian161.0972
21Smokin' N Pokin"160.5372
22Hog Jaws159.9772
23UB Smokin'159.3832
24The Woodhouse Grill159.3600

Master Series: PORK

RankTeam NameTotal
1Lucky's Q177.7028
3Double Barrel Smokers175.4172
4Sweet Smoke Q174.8572
5Hogs Gone Wild BBQ173.1316
6Hot Wachula's173.1200
7Smokin Blue Q173.1200
8Knife Pork and Spoon171.4172
927 South BBQ168.5600
10Going Yard BBQ168.5600
11BackMan Competition BBQ Team166.8228
12Hog Jaws166.2628
13Huff N Puff166.2400
14Smokin' N Pokin"165.1200
15Swamp Boys165.1088
16Big Papa's Country Kitchen165.0972
17Stokin' Smoke164.5256
18Smokin' Ain't EZ BBQ163.3712
19Triple Cross BBQ and Steak162.8572
20Backyard Bro's162.8112
21R.C. Buck's Grillin' Team162.2400
22Florida Boys160.5256
23The Woodhouse Grill159.9428
24UB Smokin'159.3828
25The Cookin Comedian151.9656

Master Series: BRISKET

RankTeam NameTotal
1Smokin' Ain't EZ BBQ173.7144
2R.C. Buck's Grillin' Team173.1084
327 South BBQ171.9772
4Hot Wachula's171.9772
6Lucky's Q171.4172
7Backyard Bro's170.8228
8Stokin' Smoke169.1200
9Going Yard BBQ167.9884
10Huff N Puff167.4172
11BackMan Competition BBQ Team166.8344
12Hogs Gone Wild BBQ165.6800
13Triple Cross BBQ and Steak163.9772
14Double Barrel Smokers162.2284
15Sweet Smoke Q161.6684
16Swamp Boys161.6572
17Smokin Blue Q161.0856
18Knife Pork and Spoon160.5028
19Big Papa's Country Kitchen157.0972
20Florida Boys153.6800
21Smokin' N Pokin"153.0972
22Hog Jaws150.2284
23The Woodhouse Grill149.6800
24The Cookin Comedian147.3604
25UB Smokin'141.6688


RankTeam NameTotal
1Wicked Oak Barbeque169.6684
2Done Right Smokin'161.6800
3Cyclone BBQ161.6456
4White Lightning161.0856
5Hodge Podge BBQ160.5028
6Bearded Monkeys Twisted Q160.0000
7K & E's Little Smokers159.9196
8Nev's Gulf Coast BBQ155.4400
102 Brothers BBQ145.7028

Backyard Series: BACKYARD RIBS

RankTeam NameTotal
1White Lightning169.1316
2Done Right Smokin'167.9772
3Cyclone BBQ167.4172
4Bearded Monkeys Twisted Q162.8460
62 Brothers BBQ160.5256
7K & E's Little Smokers160.0000
8Hodge Podge BBQ157.6572
9Nev's Gulf Coast BBQ156.5372
10Wicked Oak Barbeque138.1144

Backyard Series: BACKYARD PORK

RankTeam NameTotal
1Cyclone BBQ169.1084
2Hodge Podge BBQ168.5372
3Done Right Smokin'167.9656
4Wicked Oak Barbeque160.5484
6White Lightning158.2972
7K & E's Little Smokers154.2512
8Bearded Monkeys Twisted Q153.6572
9Nev's Gulf Coast BBQ151.4056
102 Brothers BBQ150.2744


RankTeam NameTotal
1White Lightning174.8572
22 Brothers BBQ162.8000
3Cyclone BBQ161.0972
4Hodge Podge BBQ159.3600
5Done Right Smokin'156.5028
6Wicked Oak Barbeque154.2172
7Bearded Monkeys Twisted Q152.4800
8Nev's Gulf Coast BBQ147.3600
10K & E's Little Smokers133.1088

Ancillary: CABO RITA

RankTeam NameTotal
1Done Right Smokin'173.2344
2P & J's Recreation169.6684
3The Cookin' Comedian165.6800
4Double Barrel Smokers165.1660
5K & E's Little Smokers160.0000
6Big Papa's Country Kitchen154.2052
8Backyard Bro's151.4172
9Cyclone BBQ150.2172
10John Sweeney146.8572
11R. C. Buck's Grillin' Team137.5884


RankTeam NameTotal
1Big Papa's Country Kitchen180.0000
2R. C. Buck's Grillin' Team168.0116
4John Sweeney159.4400
5Backyard Bro's157.6572
6Double Barrel Smokers154.8344
7K & E's Little Smokers151.4056
8The Cookin' Comedian146.2400
9Bearded Monkeys Twisted Q142.2972
10Done Right Smokin'127.9428