Event Scores

Event: The Best Dam BBQ Contest at Smithville Lake
Location: Smithville Lake
Smithville, MO 64089
Date: 4/12/2019

Master Series - Overall Scores

Grand Champion: Gettin' Basted
Reserve Champion: Awesome Racks Cookin Crew


RankTeam NameTotal
1Gettin' Basted 703.3944
2Awesome Racks Cookin Crew 697.1316
3Keep Calm & Sauce On 694.2172
4Jaestar BBQ 689.6688
5Drop the Mike BBQ 685.0972
6Smoke Ringers 683.8856
7Aces High BBQ 682.2520
8Dirt Road BBQ 682.1828
9Slaps BBQ 680.5256
10Porker Stars 679.9548
11TNT Que Crew 679.9544
12Burnt Finger BBQ 679.3372
13All Forked Up For Q 677.5884
14Miller's Backyard BBQ 675.3372
15Grillas 674.2520
16Bull Creek BBQ 673.0744
17Love 2 Q 671.3828
18Wabash BBQ 671.3144
19Bucky's Badass BBQ 670.8228
20Smokeville 670.8116
21Smokin' Elvises 669.6112
22Rick's Racks 669.0516
23Go Pig or Go Home 665.0516
24Smokin Van Norman 663.3144
25S&S BBQ 661.0744
26Three Brothers Different Mothers 660.3768
27Social Smokers BBQ 659.9088
28The BBQ Mavens 654.1144
29This Is How We Que It 653.6344
30In The Red Zone BBQ 651.2456
31Long Haul Smokers 649.5888
32Irwin's Pit Crew BBQ 647.9200
33Na Da Bone BBQ 647.2800
34Gonna Get Messy 645.6000
35Smokin' Trees BBQ 645.5432
36Political Pork 643.7940
37Autoboxs BBQ 643.4060
38A BBQ Team 643.1540
39Johnson's Brew & BBQ 642.1252
40Mad Hogs and an Englishman 639.9200
41Bears Backyard Q 632.4576
42Grillin' Grindes 629.5656
43Black Moon BBQ 625.6228
44The Bar'N and Grill 625.1660
45Black Beard BBQ 623.2912
46Smokin' Guns BBQ 620.3888
47Sloppy Seconds 610.6740
48Butt Bros BBQ 609.5544
49MO Meat 603.7832
50Junk Yard Hog 591.3028
51Grill on Grill BBQ 584.4120
52Hold My BBQ 582.5256
53Sudden Sam's BBQ 499.4860
54R&R Smokers 490.8344

Individual Categories

Master Series: CHICKEN

RankTeam NameTotal
1Gettin' Basted178.8572
2Awesome Racks Cookin Crew176.5716
3Keep Calm & Sauce On176.5716
4Smoke Ringers176.0000
5Slaps BBQ175.4400
6Porker Stars173.1316
7Wabash BBQ171.9772
8Aces High BBQ171.4288
9Smokin' Elvises171.4056
10R&R Smokers170.8800
11Jaestar BBQ170.8688
12Rick's Racks170.2972
13TNT Que Crew170.2972
14Smokin Van Norman170.2744
15Drop the Mike BBQ170.2744
16Miller's Backyard BBQ170.2744
17A BBQ Team169.6800
19Bull Creek BBQ168.5600
20The Bar'N and Grill167.4400
21All Forked Up For Q167.4172
22Dirt Road BBQ167.3828
23Three Brothers Different Mothers167.3712
24Love 2 Q166.8572
25Go Pig or Go Home166.2856
26Bucky's Badass BBQ166.2628
27Autoboxs BBQ166.2628
28The BBQ Mavens166.2628
29Johnson's Brew & BBQ166.2284
30Long Haul Smokers165.6916
32Smokin' Trees BBQ163.9660
33Black Moon BBQ163.4400
34Burnt Finger BBQ163.3828
35Social Smokers BBQ162.8228
36Gonna Get Messy161.6800
37Na Da Bone BBQ161.6572
38Irwin's Pit Crew BBQ161.1200
39S&S BBQ161.1200
40Mad Hogs and an Englishman160.5372
41This Is How We Que It159.3828
42Grill on Grill BBQ158.2972
43Grillin' Grindes158.2628
44In The Red Zone BBQ158.2400
45Political Pork157.6800
46Black Beard BBQ154.2744
47Butt Bros BBQ154.2628
48MO Meat150.8116
49Junk Yard Hog150.8112
50Bears Backyard Q150.2744
51Sloppy Seconds149.0856
52Hold My BBQ148.5028
53Smokin' Guns BBQ147.9200

Master Series: PORK RIBS

RankTeam NameTotal
1Bucky's Badass BBQ175.4400
2Gettin' Basted174.8572
3Drop the Mike BBQ174.2856
4Aces High BBQ173.7144
5Jaestar BBQ173.1200
6Keep Calm & Sauce On171.4056
8Slaps BBQ170.2972
9S&S BBQ170.2744
10Love 2 Q170.2628
11Rick's Racks170.2628
12Three Brothers Different Mothers169.6800
13Autoboxs BBQ169.1316
14Burnt Finger BBQ169.1316
15In The Red Zone BBQ169.1200
16Social Smokers BBQ168.5372
17Johnson's Brew & BBQ167.4056
18Long Haul Smokers167.3944
19Smoke Ringers167.3828
20Sudden Sam's BBQ166.8916
22Porker Stars166.2860
23Smokin Van Norman166.2628
24Miller's Backyard BBQ166.2400
25Wabash BBQ165.1316
26All Forked Up For Q165.0856
27Sloppy Seconds164.5600
28Go Pig or Go Home164.5488
29Dirt Road BBQ163.9772
30Black Beard BBQ163.9656
31R&R Smokers163.4288
32TNT Que Crew163.4056
33Bull Creek BBQ163.3944
34Awesome Racks Cookin Crew163.3828
35This Is How We Que It162.2628
36Political Pork162.2284
37Smokin' Guns BBQ161.6800
38Mad Hogs and an Englishman161.1200
39The BBQ Mavens160.5144
40Smokin' Elvises159.9772
41Grillin' Grindes159.9544
42Na Da Bone BBQ158.2628
43Gonna Get Messy157.6688
44Bears Backyard Q157.1088
45Grill on Grill BBQ155.4060
46Smokin' Trees BBQ155.3944
47Irwin's Pit Crew BBQ154.8572
48MO Meat153.0972
49Butt Bros BBQ150.2400
50A BBQ Team150.1828
51Black Moon BBQ149.6684
52The Bar'N and Grill148.5944
53Hold My BBQ145.6228
54Junk Yard Hog141.7032

Master Series: PORK

RankTeam NameTotal
1Awesome Racks Cookin Crew180.0000
2Burnt Finger BBQ179.4400
3Gettin' Basted177.7144
4Dirt Road BBQ177.7028
5Sudden Sam's BBQ176.5944
6Keep Calm & Sauce On175.4172
7Slaps BBQ174.8456
8TNT Que Crew174.2744
9Smoke Ringers174.2628
10Smokin' Trees BBQ174.2628
11Drop the Mike BBQ173.1200
12Love 2 Q172.0344
13Political Pork171.9656
14All Forked Up For Q170.8228
15Bull Creek BBQ169.7144
16Na Da Bone BBQ169.6800
17In The Red Zone BBQ169.6800
18Wabash BBQ169.6684
19Social Smokers BBQ168.5716
20Gonna Get Messy168.5600
21Porker Stars168.5372
22Jaestar BBQ168.5372
24Miller's Backyard BBQ168.0000
25Go Pig or Go Home167.9888
26Long Haul Smokers166.8456
27Smokin' Elvises166.8228
28A BBQ Team166.2284
29Three Brothers Different Mothers165.6800
30Irwin's Pit Crew BBQ165.1200
31S&S BBQ165.1084
32Bucky's Badass BBQ163.9656
33Aces High BBQ163.3944
34Butt Bros BBQ162.2400
35Smokin' Guns BBQ161.7144
37This Is How We Que It161.1316
38Smokin Van Norman161.0972
39The BBQ Mavens160.5028
40Rick's Racks159.9544
41Johnson's Brew & BBQ157.1200
42Mad Hogs and an Englishman156.5600
43Black Moon BBQ156.5372
44R&R Smokers156.5256
45Grillin' Grindes154.8572
46Bears Backyard Q153.1088
47The Bar'N and Grill151.4172
48Hold My BBQ150.8000
49Black Beard BBQ150.2284
50Junk Yard Hog149.1084
51MO Meat147.3600
52Sloppy Seconds144.4912
53Autoboxs BBQ138.2972
54Grill on Grill BBQ137.6228

Master Series: BRISKET

RankTeam NameTotal
1Awesome Racks Cookin Crew177.1772
2Jaestar BBQ177.1428
3All Forked Up For Q174.2628
4Aces High BBQ173.7144
6Dirt Road BBQ173.1200
7Porker Stars172.0000
8TNT Que Crew171.9772
9Gettin' Basted171.9656
10Bears Backyard Q171.9656
12Smokin' Elvises171.4056
13Bull Creek BBQ171.4056
14This Is How We Que It170.8572
15Miller's Backyard BBQ170.8228
16Keep Calm & Sauce On170.8228
17Autoboxs BBQ169.7144
18Rick's Racks168.5372
19Drop the Mike BBQ167.4172
20Burnt Finger BBQ167.3828
21The BBQ Mavens166.8344
22Irwin's Pit Crew BBQ166.8228
23Smoke Ringers166.2400
24Go Pig or Go Home166.2284
25Smokin Van Norman165.6800
26Bucky's Badass BBQ165.1544
27S&S BBQ164.5716
28Wabash BBQ164.5372
29Love 2 Q162.2284
30Mad Hogs and an Englishman161.7028
31Social Smokers BBQ159.9772
32Slaps BBQ159.9428
33The Bar'N and Grill157.7144
34Gonna Get Messy157.6912
35Na Da Bone BBQ157.6800
36Three Brothers Different Mothers157.6456
37A BBQ Team157.0628
38Grillin' Grindes156.4912
39Sudden Sam's BBQ156.0000
40Black Moon BBQ155.9772
41Black Beard BBQ154.8228
42In The Red Zone BBQ154.2056
43Sloppy Seconds152.5372
44MO Meat152.5144
45Smokin' Trees BBQ151.9200
46Political Pork151.9200
47Johnson's Brew & BBQ151.3712
48Junk Yard Hog149.6800
49Long Haul Smokers149.6572
50Smokin' Guns BBQ149.0744
51Butt Bros BBQ142.8116
52Hold My BBQ137.6000
53Grill on Grill BBQ133.0860