Event Scores

Event: The Smithfield Guinea Pig (TEAMS AND JUDGES FULL)
Location: Miramonte Resort
Indian Wells, CA 92236
Date: 2/15/2019

Master Series - Overall Scores

Grand Champion: Slaughterhouse Five
Reserve Champion: Ridge Route Boys BBQ


RankTeam NameTotal
1Slaughterhouse Five 697.7144
2Ridge Route Boys BBQ 688.5484
3Beer Belly BBQ 686.2056
4Part Time BBQ 685.6572
5Lucky's Q 685.6456
6Lady of Q 685.0860
7Hickory and Spice BBQ 685.0856
8Shiggin & Grinnin 682.2400
9Mudville BBQ 679.9084
10Day Of The Pig BBQ 679.3604
11Big Smoke BBQ - Australia 677.6000
12Rad Fondo BBQ 677.5884
13Moodswing BBQ 677.1316
14Papa La Rue's BBQ 677.1084
15Burnin Bellies 674.7312
16JC BBQ 673.6452
17Smokers Purgatory 673.1092
18The BBQ Yard 673.0740
19Porterhouse BBQ 673.0516
20Simply Marvelous BBQ 673.0056
21TEAM WOODSHED 672.4688
22Old Town Franklin BBQ 672.4568
23Smokin Hart's 671.9888
24Dad's Chillin and Grillin BBQ 671.9200
25Smokin It Up bbq 670.7660
26Jet Coatings "Monkey Style" 670.2284
27Cow Tippin' BBQ 669.6916
28Smoke Hound BBQ 669.5884
29Nothing Compares 2 Q 668.4568
30Funtime BBQ 667.3600
312LiveQ 666.1832
32Shig Ninja BBQ 663.3368
33B'Mackin BBQ 662.7428
34The Brisket Brothers 662.6856
35Royal Smokin Hot 659.7940
36Bob's Morning Wood Barbeque 657.5888
37Hi Desert Ratz BBQ 653.6460
38Loot N' Booty BBQ 653.6116
39Green Card Q 653.0284
40Stagecoach Barbecue 647.8628
41Sacred Smoke BBQ 647.4172
42Blue Eyed BBQ 644.4116
43Jolley's Bad to the Bone Barbeque 642.1488
44Revin It Up BBQ 641.6228
45Casual Smokers 637.6456
46Yard Lobster BBQ 637.5084
47Code7Smokehouse 624.4000
48Pigs on the River BBQ 606.1600
49Big Red BBQ 481.1200

Individual Categories

Master Series: CHICKEN

RankTeam NameTotal
1Hickory and Spice BBQ180.0000
2Slaughterhouse Five177.7144
3Royal Smokin Hot176.0000
4The BBQ Yard175.4400
5Porterhouse BBQ174.8572
6Lady of Q174.8572
7Part Time BBQ173.7144
8Papa La Rue's BBQ173.7144
9Big Smoke BBQ - Australia173.1200
10Stagecoach Barbecue172.5944
11Dad's Chillin and Grillin BBQ172.0000
12Beer Belly BBQ171.4172
13Jet Coatings "Monkey Style"170.8228
14The Brisket Brothers170.8228
15Burnin Bellies170.2628
16Lucky's Q170.2628
17Rad Fondo BBQ169.7028
18Moodswing BBQ169.1772
19Smokin Hart's169.1200
20Sacred Smoke BBQ168.5828
21Mudville BBQ168.5256
22Smoke Hound BBQ167.9772
23Smokin It Up bbq167.9656
24Ridge Route Boys BBQ166.8800
25Funtime BBQ166.8344
26Day Of The Pig BBQ166.2744
27Simply Marvelous BBQ164.5256
28Loot N' Booty BBQ163.9544
29B'Mackin BBQ163.9428
30Shiggin & Grinnin163.9312
31Smokers Purgatory163.4172
32Hi Desert Ratz BBQ163.4172
33Shig Ninja BBQ163.3712
34JC BBQ162.8340
35Old Town Franklin BBQ162.8228
36Nothing Compares 2 Q162.2740
38Cow Tippin' BBQ162.2284
39Revin It Up BBQ158.8572
40Jolley's Bad to the Bone Barbeque158.8460
41Yard Lobster BBQ158.2400
42Casual Smokers157.1428
44Green Card Q155.3600
45Bob's Morning Wood Barbeque154.8344
46Blue Eyed BBQ154.7772
48Pigs on the River BBQ150.8228

Master Series: PORK RIBS

RankTeam NameTotal
1Moodswing BBQ177.7144
2Day Of The Pig BBQ177.7144
3Ridge Route Boys BBQ176.5600
4Mudville BBQ176.0116
5Smokin Hart's175.4516
6Lady of Q174.8688
7Shiggin & Grinnin173.7372
8The BBQ Yard173.7144
9Cow Tippin' BBQ172.5944
10Beer Belly BBQ172.5716
11Burnin Bellies172.5600
12Lucky's Q172.5600
13Old Town Franklin BBQ172.0000
14Smokin It Up bbq170.8688
15Funtime BBQ170.8572
16Slaughterhouse Five169.7372
17Dad's Chillin and Grillin BBQ169.7028
18Papa La Rue's BBQ169.7028
20Hickory and Spice BBQ169.1200
21Simply Marvelous BBQ169.1200
22Casual Smokers168.5716
23JC BBQ168.5600
24Smoke Hound BBQ168.5600
25Royal Smokin Hot168.5256
26Stagecoach Barbecue168.0228
28Part Time BBQ167.9772
29Loot N' Booty BBQ166.2972
30Rad Fondo BBQ166.2516
31Big Red BBQ164.5600
32Nothing Compares 2 Q164.5372
33Smokers Purgatory163.9772
34Green Card Q163.4400
35Sacred Smoke BBQ163.4172
36Jolley's Bad to the Bone Barbeque162.8228
37B'Mackin BBQ161.7028
38Porterhouse BBQ161.6800
39Jet Coatings "Monkey Style"161.6800
40Pigs on the River BBQ160.5716
41Bob's Morning Wood Barbeque160.5144
42Big Smoke BBQ - Australia158.8000
43Hi Desert Ratz BBQ158.2744
44Shig Ninja BBQ158.2628
45The Brisket Brothers154.2172
46Revin It Up BBQ152.5256
47Yard Lobster BBQ151.3600
49Blue Eyed BBQ148.5144

Master Series: PORK

RankTeam NameTotal
1Bob's Morning Wood Barbeque176.0000
2Slaughterhouse Five175.4172
3Porterhouse BBQ174.2744
4Green Card Q173.7028
5Shiggin & Grinnin173.1544
6Big Smoke BBQ - Australia173.1200
7Blue Eyed BBQ172.5716
8Smokin It Up bbq172.5600
9Lucky's Q172.5600
10JC BBQ172.5484
11Smokers Purgatory171.9888
12Simply Marvelous BBQ171.9772
13Beer Belly BBQ171.4056
15Old Town Franklin BBQ170.8228
16Rad Fondo BBQ170.8228
17Burnin Bellies170.8228
18Day Of The Pig BBQ170.2628
19Cow Tippin' BBQ169.7144
20Nothing Compares 2 Q169.6800
21Jolley's Bad to the Bone Barbeque169.6800
22Shig Ninja BBQ169.1544
23Funtime BBQ169.1200
24Ridge Route Boys BBQ169.1084
26Mudville BBQ167.4056
27Part Time BBQ167.4056
28Lady of Q167.3944
29Royal Smokin Hot167.3828
30Jet Coatings "Monkey Style"166.9028
31Loot N' Booty BBQ166.2400
32Smoke Hound BBQ166.2284
33The BBQ Yard165.6684
34Hickory and Spice BBQ165.0856
35B'Mackin BBQ163.9544
36Papa La Rue's BBQ162.8340
37Yard Lobster BBQ162.8000
38The Brisket Brothers162.2400
39Smokin Hart's162.2400
40Dad's Chillin and Grillin BBQ161.6800
41Hi Desert Ratz BBQ161.1200
42Revin It Up BBQ160.5372
43Stagecoach Barbecue160.5028
44Moodswing BBQ159.9772
46Casual Smokers155.9656
47Sacred Smoke BBQ150.2744
48Big Red BBQ150.2744
49Pigs on the River BBQ142.2284

Master Series: BRISKET

RankTeam NameTotal
1Part Time BBQ176.5600
2Ridge Route Boys BBQ176.0000
3The Brisket Brothers175.4056
4Slaughterhouse Five174.8456
5Smokers Purgatory173.7260
6B'Mackin BBQ173.1428
8Big Smoke BBQ - Australia172.5600
9Shig Ninja BBQ172.5484
10Nothing Compares 2 Q171.9656
11Shiggin & Grinnin171.4172
12Hickory and Spice BBQ170.8800
13Papa La Rue's BBQ170.8572
14Hi Desert Ratz BBQ170.8344
15Jet Coatings "Monkey Style"170.8228
16Beer Belly BBQ170.8112
17Rad Fondo BBQ170.8112
18Moodswing BBQ170.2628
19Lucky's Q170.2628
20JC BBQ169.7028
21Revin It Up BBQ169.7028
23Blue Eyed BBQ168.5484
24Dad's Chillin and Grillin BBQ168.5372
25Lady of Q167.9656
26Mudville BBQ167.9656
27Simply Marvelous BBQ167.3828
28Smoke Hound BBQ166.8228
29Old Town Franklin BBQ166.8112
30Big Red BBQ166.2856
31Bob's Morning Wood Barbeque166.2400
33Smokin Hart's165.1772
34Cow Tippin' BBQ165.1544
35Sacred Smoke BBQ165.1428
36Day Of The Pig BBQ165.1088
37Yard Lobster BBQ165.1084
38Porterhouse BBQ162.2400
39Burnin Bellies161.0856
40Funtime BBQ160.5484
41Green Card Q160.5256
42Smokin It Up bbq159.3716
43The BBQ Yard158.2512
44Loot N' Booty BBQ157.1200
45Casual Smokers155.9656
46Pigs on the River BBQ152.5372
47Jolley's Bad to the Bone Barbeque150.8000
48Royal Smokin Hot147.8856
49Stagecoach Barbecue146.7428


RankTeam NameTotal
1.Sweet N' Spice BBQ175.4400
2.Team Arriaga175.4172


RankTeam NameTotal
1.Smokin Jayden180.0000
2.Lil Marvelous177.1772
4.2LiveQ Jr173.1200

Ancillary: DESSERT

RankTeam NameTotal
1B'Mackin BBQ180.0000
2Shiggin & Grinnin180.0000
3Hickory and Spice BBQ178.8572
4Simply Marvelous BBQ178.8572
5Yard Lobster BBQ177.7028
6Smokin Hart's177.7028
7Lucky's Q175.4172
8Day Of The Pig BBQ175.4056
9Green Card Q175.4056
10Lady of Q174.2628
11Blue Eyed BBQ173.7028
12Bob's Morning Wood Barbeque173.1544
13Smoke Hound BBQ170.8572
14Part Time BBQ170.8344
15Dad's Chillin and Grillin BBQ163.9428
16Casual Smokers163.4400