Event Scores

Event: Humble Rodeo and BBQ
Location: 6233 Will Clayton Parkway
Humble, TX 77338
Date: 2/1/2019

Master Series - Overall Scores

Grand Champion: War Pig BBQ
Reserve Champion: Boomerang BBQ


RankTeam NameTotal
1War Pig BBQ 689.6228
2Boomerang BBQ 688.0228
3Texan Dodge Todd 687.3712
4LaPasadita 685.7256
5Buckshot BBQ 685.6912
6Texan Dodge Robert 682.8572
7Kiss My Rack 682.3084
8B-S BBQ Outlaws 681.0628
9Honky Tonk Smokers 680.5940
10One Man Pit 675.9884
11BJ's Blue Smoke BBQ 675.4056
12Rio Valley Meat BBQ 674.2860
13Texas-Car-B-Que 674.2740
14Texas Smoke Whisper 669.6456
15Cochon 225 667.3828
162 Dudes Q 667.3712
17Texas Grillbilliles 666.8576
18Bullhorn BBQ 666.7656
19Lil Red Cookers 665.0972
20Casanoa BBQ Company 664.5828
21Nutthin BUTT Pork 664.4912
22Smokin' Triggers 662.7424
23Fire Dancer BBQ 662.1596
24Texan Dodge Travis 661.6452
25Smoker and The Bandits 660.5600
26Correct Cooks 660.5140
27Lucky Charms 660.4572
28The Republic' Que 658.2168
29Good Ole Boys Cookers 657.1316
30Xtreme Texas Cookers 653.0856
31E's Smokin BBQ 652.4796
32Hatin' 24-7 650.8456
33Red Hot Chili Pepper Mike 649.0740
34Lomesome Dove Kookers 648.9712
35Smoking Bandit Cookers 648.4344
36Business as Usual 647.4400
37Texan Dodge Stacy 646.1596
38Blazin Bullz Cookerz 645.6000
39Twisted Tail 644.5028
40Beat Brothers 2 642.8340
41Smoke Rings 1 642.7884
42Second 2 None Cook 642.7544
43Pop's Smokin" BBQ 642.6972
44Broke A$$h Cookers 641.5888
45Here 4 the Beer Tony 641.1768
46CED 639.9768
47White Water Cowboy Ken 638.2852
48SmellaQue 638.1596
49Rubbin Smoke 637.0632
50Meat The Teacher 636.0916
51First Time Cookers Chris 636.0340
52360 Cookers 635.2456
53Spring Creek Cookers 635.2228
54Junkyard Cookers Robert 633.6912
55Kingwood Smokers 633.0740
56First Time Cookers Chad 632.6056
57Gettin Sauced Lance 632.5600
58B & B Charcoal 631.9888
59Humble Pit Crew 1 631.9656
60Junkyard Cookers Tony 631.2912
61Meat Slingers 2 630.7880
62Beat Brothers 1 629.6916
63Meat slingers 3 629.0856
64Kelly Down Barbecue 627.3252
65Black Jack Cookers 626.2400
66Gettin' Sauced John 625.6456
67Top Gun Cookers Eric 625.1316
68Anytime BBQ Smoke Ronald 624.4456
69Hell Bent 100% Texas Cookers 622.1372
70Wholly Habanero Buddy 621.6684
71Certifed Tasty BBQ 1 621.6572
72Gettin' Sauced Justin 621.1200
73Anytime BBQ Smoke Reginal 620.5028
74Superior 3 Kevin 618.7312
75Houston Tree Service 616.4800
76Camp Lillie Cookers 615.3256
77Superior 1 Brian 613.0968
78Superior 4 Tommy 613.0052
79Here 4 the Beer Renee 611.3708
80Blue Smoke Cookers 2 611.3256
81Smokin Dopes 611.2912
82Premier Cooker 1Andy 610.8224
83Blue Smoke Cookers 1 610.6972
84Meat Slingers 1 610.6972
85Old School Cookers Curtis 609.7024
86Red Hot Chili Pepper Anthony 609.0516
87OutLaw Rays BBQ 609.0060
88Tiny Wood Cookers 608.5716
89Rub and Crub 1 608.5144
90Junkyard Cookers Shane 607.8512
913 C Ranch 607.4516
92R&R Cookers 607.2224
93DGM- Willam Parvis 606.6632
94White Water Cowboy Marc 605.6568
95Rusty Pit Cookers 605.4288
96SWI 604.6628
97Mustang Club 603.9080
98Rub and Grub 2 601.5884
99Southern Smokeater 599.7712
100Come and Taste it 1 598.2968
101Rizza B"s HC 595.2908
102Shamrock Smokrz 1 594.9260
103Come and Taste 2 Garrett 594.9248
104Wholly Haboanero Niles 594.8116
105Wholly Habanero Jake 593.7604
106No' Pasa Nada 1 593.5652
107Old School Cookers Jason 591.8968
108Hook -N- Roll 590.7200
109Wholly Habanero Brian 587.3376
110Junkyard Cookers Ricky 586.7080
111General's Smokin& Grilling 583.8972
112Superior 2 Allen 583.2452
113Me and My Gang 1 578.7656
114Smoke Rings 2 570.6628
115The BBQ Specialists 567.9652
116Big Bad Country Cookers 566.7196
117Permier Cookers 2 Brad 563.7824
118Here 4 the Beer Mason 493.2684
119Smoking Wizzard 493.0284
120Pigheaded Cookers 480.4804
121Cowboy Yacht Club 454.2284
122H - Town Pit Boss Smokers 451.8744
123Top Gun 2 Chris 450.7880
124Me and My Gang 2 443.3368
125No'Pasa Nada 2 436.4912
126That's It BBQ 172.6172

Individual Categories

Master Series: CHICKEN

RankTeam NameTotal
1One Man Pit174.2972
2Rio Valley Meat BBQ173.7028
3Nutthin BUTT Pork173.1428
5Pigheaded Cookers171.4056
6Smokin Dopes170.8456
7Texan Dodge Robert170.2628
8Fire Dancer BBQ170.2512
9Smoker and The Bandits169.7600
10Correct Cooks169.7256
12Casanoa BBQ Company168.5828
13Twisted Tail168.5828
14Texan Dodge Todd168.5256
15Boomerang BBQ167.9772
16Honky Tonk Smokers167.9656
17Lomesome Dove Kookers167.4400
18Buckshot BBQ167.4056
19Wholly Habanero Jake166.8800
20Xtreme Texas Cookers166.8800
21Red Hot Chili Pepper Mike166.2972
222 Dudes Q166.2972
23War Pig BBQ166.2400
24Wholly Habanero Buddy165.7372
25Kelly Down Barbecue165.7140
26Anytime BBQ Smoke Ronald165.6800
27Anytime BBQ Smoke Reginal165.1772
28Texas Grillbilliles165.1660
29Gettin Sauced Lance165.1200
30Superior 1 Brian164.6172
313 C Ranch164.5944
33Kingwood Smokers164.5828
34Wholly Haboanero Niles164.5828
36Houston Tree Service164.5600
37Kiss My Rack164.5484
38B-S BBQ Outlaws164.0000
39Second 2 None Cook163.9772
40Beat Brothers 1163.5088
41Hell Bent 100% Texas Cookers163.3828
42First Time Cookers Chad162.9028
43Smoking Wizzard162.8228
44Texas Smoke Whisper162.8228
45Rub and Crub 1162.3316
47General's Smokin& Grilling162.2628
48Blazin Bullz Cookerz162.2628
49E's Smokin BBQ162.2284
50Humble Pit Crew 1161.1772
51Rub and Grub 2161.1428
52Beat Brothers 2160.6172
53Junkyard Cookers Tony160.5256
54Lil Red Cookers159.9772
55Premier Cooker 1Andy159.9656
56Here 4 the Beer Tony159.9656
57The Republic' Que159.9312
58Meat The Teacher158.8916
59R&R Cookers158.2168
60B & B Charcoal157.7372
61Junkyard Cookers Ricky157.7256
62Hatin' 24-7157.6800
63Superior 3 Kevin157.1544
64Smokin' Triggers157.1084
65Smoking Bandit Cookers157.0972
66Old School Cookers Jason156.5828
67White Water Cowboy Ken156.5484
68Lucky Charms156.5028
69DGM- Willam Parvis155.9772
70Meat slingers 3155.4172
71Top Gun Cookers Eric155.4172
72Old School Cookers Curtis155.4168
73Junkyard Cookers Shane155.4056
74Here 4 the Beer Mason154.8912
75Good Ole Boys Cookers154.8800
76Junkyard Cookers Robert154.8572
77Broke A$$h Cookers154.8228
78Pop's Smokin" BBQ154.7656
79Come and Taste it 1154.2856
80Blue Smoke Cookers 1154.2744
81Rubbin Smoke153.7144
82First Time Cookers Chris153.1428
83Black Jack Cookers153.1316
84Gettin' Sauced John153.1312
85Smoke Rings 1153.1200
86Rizza B"s HC153.1084
87Bullhorn BBQ153.0856
88360 Cookers152.5028
89Certifed Tasty BBQ 1150.8456
90Camp Lillie Cookers150.8456
91Spring Creek Cookers150.7656
92Business as Usual150.2284
93Superior 4 Tommy150.2168
94No'Pasa Nada 2149.6684
95Me and My Gang 2149.1772
96White Water Cowboy Marc149.1656
97BJ's Blue Smoke BBQ149.1200
98Cochon 225148.5716
99Here 4 the Beer Renee147.9884
100Blue Smoke Cookers 2147.4172
101Gettin' Sauced Justin147.4056
102Red Hot Chili Pepper Anthony147.3944
103Meat Slingers 1147.3600
104Top Gun 2 Chris146.8684
105Tiny Wood Cookers146.2516
106Shamrock Smokrz 1145.2000
107Smoke Rings 2145.0972
108Texan Dodge Stacy145.0168
109Me and My Gang 1144.5256
110Southern Smokeater143.9084
111Texan Dodge Travis143.8968
112No' Pasa Nada 1142.7996
113Hook -N- Roll142.2400
114Cowboy Yacht Club141.7256
115OutLaw Rays BBQ141.6916
116Mustang Club141.6800
117Meat Slingers 2141.6568
118Wholly Habanero Brian141.0856
119Come and Taste 2 Garrett140.6624
120The BBQ Specialists139.9656
121Superior 2 Allen138.8112
122Big Bad Country Cookers136.5256
123Rusty Pit Cookers135.8860
124Permier Cookers 2 Brad105.9884
125H - Town Pit Boss Smokers20.0000

Master Series: PORK RIBS

RankTeam NameTotal
1B-S BBQ Outlaws177.7028
2Texan Dodge Travis176.5828
3Boomerang BBQ176.0228
42 Dudes Q176.0000
5Hatin' 24-7175.4400
6Business as Usual174.8688
7Texan Dodge Todd174.2856
8BJ's Blue Smoke BBQ173.7028
9Broke A$$h Cookers173.1316
10Cochon 225172.5828
11B & B Charcoal172.0344
12Honky Tonk Smokers171.4744
13Bullhorn BBQ171.4400
15Red Hot Chili Pepper Mike170.8456
16Good Ole Boys Cookers170.3088
17War Pig BBQ170.2744
18Smokin' Triggers169.7028
19Lomesome Dove Kookers169.1084
20Shamrock Smokrz 1168.5944
22Buckshot BBQ168.0000
23Twisted Tail167.4400
24Meat Slingers 2167.4056
25Here 4 the Beer Mason166.9028
26Texan Dodge Robert166.8800
27E's Smokin BBQ166.8688
28One Man Pit166.8572
30Kiss My Rack166.2972
31360 Cookers166.2628
32Correct Cooks166.2400
33Smoker and The Bandits165.7028
35Smoking Wizzard165.6800
36Permier Cookers 2 Brad164.6056
37Texas Smoke Whisper164.5944
38White Water Cowboy Ken164.5828
39Texas Grillbilliles164.5716
40Superior 3 Kevin164.5256
41First Time Cookers Chris164.0112
42Meat slingers 3163.9772
43Black Jack Cookers163.4400
44Beat Brothers 1163.4288
45Top Gun Cookers Eric163.4056
46Humble Pit Crew 1163.4056
47Lucky Charms163.3944
48Rusty Pit Cookers162.8688
49Second 2 None Cook162.8572
50Texan Dodge Stacy162.8572
51Kingwood Smokers162.8456
52Casanoa BBQ Company162.8456
53Fire Dancer BBQ162.8228
54Lil Red Cookers162.2972
55Me and My Gang 1162.2972
56R&R Cookers162.2512
57Spring Creek Cookers162.2400
58Here 4 the Beer Tony161.7484
59Superior 2 Allen161.6800
60Nutthin BUTT Pork161.1428
61White Water Cowboy Marc161.0856
62Pigheaded Cookers160.5488
63H - Town Pit Boss Smokers159.4744
64First Time Cookers Chad159.4516
65Mustang Club159.4512
66Blazin Bullz Cookerz159.4172
67Camp Lillie Cookers159.4056
68Rub and Grub 2159.3828
69Certifed Tasty BBQ 1159.3828
70Rio Valley Meat BBQ157.6916
71Here 4 the Beer Renee157.1084
72Beat Brothers 2157.1084
73Houston Tree Service155.9884
74Come and Taste 2 Garrett155.9884
75The Republic' Que155.9884
76Smoking Bandit Cookers155.9200
78No' Pasa Nada 1154.8228
79Smoke Rings 2154.8228
80Gettin' Sauced John154.2744
81Xtreme Texas Cookers154.2628
82Junkyard Cookers Tony154.2400
83Rubbin Smoke154.2172
84Superior 1 Brian154.2056
85Top Gun 2 Chris153.6568
86Meat The Teacher153.1772
87Kelly Down Barbecue153.0972
883 C Ranch152.6172
89Gettin Sauced Lance152.5600
90Pop's Smokin" BBQ152.5144
91Superior 4 Tommy152.5140
92Smokin Dopes152.5028
93Red Hot Chili Pepper Anthony152.0116
94Smoke Rings 1151.9656
95Big Bad Country Cookers151.9656
96Come and Taste it 1151.4284
97Junkyard Cookers Robert151.4056
98Me and My Gang 2151.3828
99General's Smokin& Grilling150.8800
100Tiny Wood Cookers150.8460
101Blue Smoke Cookers 1150.8000
102Gettin' Sauced Justin150.7772
103Premier Cooker 1Andy150.2744
104Old School Cookers Curtis148.5940
105Hell Bent 100% Texas Cookers147.9544
106Hook -N- Roll147.9428
107OutLaw Rays BBQ146.8228
108Anytime BBQ Smoke Reginal145.6800
109Southern Smokeater145.0972
110Meat Slingers 1145.0628
111Anytime BBQ Smoke Ronald145.0400
112Junkyard Cookers Shane144.5372
113DGM- Willam Parvis144.5144
114Wholly Habanero Brian143.9544
115Wholly Haboanero Niles143.4172
116Rizza B"s HC142.7884
117Junkyard Cookers Ricky141.0284
118Blue Smoke Cookers 2140.5144
119The BBQ Specialists139.4400
120Old School Cookers Jason135.9884
121Wholly Habanero Buddy135.9428
122Wholly Habanero Jake134.8116
123Rub and Crub 1134.8000
124No'Pasa Nada 2134.2628
125Cowboy Yacht Club20.0000

Master Series: PORK

RankTeam NameTotal
1Buckshot BBQ179.4400
2Kiss My Rack179.4400
3Bullhorn BBQ177.7028
4War Pig BBQ177.7028
6BJ's Blue Smoke BBQ175.4400
7Rio Valley Meat BBQ174.3200
8Smoking Bandit Cookers174.2972
9Boomerang BBQ173.1428
10Lucky Charms173.1200
11Honky Tonk Smokers172.5828
13Good Ole Boys Cookers172.0000
14Texan Dodge Travis170.8800
15Smoke Rings 1170.8456
16One Man Pit170.8112
17Pop's Smokin" BBQ170.2744
18Gettin Sauced Lance169.7600
19The Republic' Que169.7372
20Texan Dodge Todd169.7144
21360 Cookers169.7028
22Smokin' Triggers169.6684
23Texan Dodge Stacy169.1428
24Lil Red Cookers169.1200
25Texan Dodge Robert168.5372
26Cochon 225168.5256
27Blue Smoke Cookers 2167.9656
28Texas Grillbilliles166.8344
29Xtreme Texas Cookers166.8228
30Meat The Teacher166.3084
31First Time Cookers Chris165.7600
32Meat Slingers 1165.7028
33Nutthin BUTT Pork165.6800
34Correct Cooks165.1428
35OutLaw Rays BBQ165.1200
36Beat Brothers 2164.5828
37Broke A$$h Cookers164.5372
38Texas Smoke Whisper164.5256
39Smoking Wizzard164.5256
40Meat Slingers 2163.4628
41Rubbin Smoke163.4172
42E's Smokin BBQ162.8684
43Old School Cookers Jason162.8456
44Twisted Tail162.8116
45Gettin' Sauced Justin162.3200
462 Dudes Q162.2628
47Anytime BBQ Smoke Reginal162.2628
48Red Hot Chili Pepper Anthony161.7028
49Smoker and The Bandits161.6912
50Fire Dancer BBQ161.6800
51B-S BBQ Outlaws161.6572
52Houston Tree Service161.1656
53Casanoa BBQ Company161.1544
54Superior 4 Tommy161.1428
55Junkyard Cookers Shane161.1084
56Junkyard Cookers Robert160.5600
57DGM- Willam Parvis160.5372
58Wholly Habanero Brian160.0344
59Business as Usual160.0344
60Hell Bent 100% Texas Cookers159.9656
61B & B Charcoal159.4400
62Old School Cookers Curtis159.4400
63Spring Creek Cookers159.4172
64Blazin Bullz Cookerz159.3828
65Southern Smokeater158.8456
66Kelly Down Barbecue158.2856
67White Water Cowboy Ken158.2740
68Superior 1 Brian158.2628
69Hook -N- Roll158.2512
70Camp Lillie Cookers157.7144
71Gettin' Sauced John157.1428
73Junkyard Cookers Tony155.9884
74H - Town Pit Boss Smokers155.9428
75Anytime BBQ Smoke Ronald155.4400
76Red Hot Chili Pepper Mike154.8112
77Cowboy Yacht Club154.2628
78Wholly Habanero Buddy154.2628
79Meat slingers 3153.7372
80Certifed Tasty BBQ 1153.7144
81Hatin' 24-7153.7028
82Here 4 the Beer Tony153.7028
83Rub and Crub 1153.7028
84Mustang Club153.6912
85Junkyard Cookers Ricky153.6912
86Black Jack Cookers153.1084
87First Time Cookers Chad152.5484
88No' Pasa Nada 1152.5256
89Rizza B"s HC151.4168
90Permier Cookers 2 Brad150.8684
91Wholly Habanero Jake150.8572
923 C Ranch150.8456
93Superior 2 Allen150.8340
94Rusty Pit Cookers150.7540
95Blue Smoke Cookers 1150.1828
96Lomesome Dove Kookers150.1828
97R&R Cookers149.6800
98Beat Brothers 1149.6684
99Second 2 None Cook149.6456
100Me and My Gang 1149.1884
101The BBQ Specialists149.1084
102Top Gun Cookers Eric148.6172
103Humble Pit Crew 1148.5256
104Here 4 the Beer Renee147.9996
105Superior 3 Kevin147.3484
106White Water Cowboy Marc146.8456
107Smoke Rings 2146.2284
108Premier Cooker 1Andy145.7256
109Smokin Dopes145.7028
110Rub and Grub 2145.7028
111Kingwood Smokers145.7028
112Wholly Haboanero Niles144.5256
115Come and Taste it 1138.8684
116Tiny Wood Cookers137.7484
117Come and Taste 2 Garrett137.0740
118Shamrock Smokrz 1133.7484
119Big Bad Country Cookers133.1312
120General's Smokin& Grilling125.6572

Master Series: BRISKET

RankTeam NameTotal
1Cochon 225177.7028
2B-S BBQ Outlaws177.7028
3Texas Smoke Whisper177.7028
4Texan Dodge Robert177.1772
5BJ's Blue Smoke BBQ177.1428
6War Pig BBQ175.4056
7Texan Dodge Todd174.8456
8Tiny Wood Cookers173.7256
9Lil Red Cookers173.7028
10That's It BBQ172.6172
11The Republic' Que172.5600
12Kiss My Rack172.0228
13Casanoa BBQ Company172.0000
14Here 4 the Beer Mason171.4744
15Boomerang BBQ170.8800
16Buckshot BBQ170.8456
18Texan Dodge Travis170.2856
19Texas Grillbilliles170.2856
21Texan Dodge Stacy169.1428
22Rio Valley Meat BBQ168.5716
23Honky Tonk Smokers168.5712
24Lucky Charms167.4400
25Fire Dancer BBQ167.4056
26Junkyard Cookers Robert166.8684
27Smoke Rings 1166.8572
28Second 2 None Cook166.2744
29Smokin' Triggers166.2628
30Here 4 the Beer Tony165.7600
31Wholly Habanero Buddy165.7256
32Rubbin Smoke165.7144
33Pop's Smokin" BBQ165.1428
34Xtreme Texas Cookers165.1200
35Bullhorn BBQ164.5372
36Blazin Bullz Cookerz164.5372
37Nutthin BUTT Pork164.5256
38One Man Pit164.0228
39Hatin' 24-7164.0228
40Smoker and The Bandits163.4060
412 Dudes Q162.8112
42Spring Creek Cookers162.8000
43Business as Usual162.3084
44Lomesome Dove Kookers162.2400
45Come and Taste 2 Garrett161.2000
46Smoking Bandit Cookers161.1200
47Gettin' Sauced John161.0972
48Gettin' Sauced Justin160.6172
49Junkyard Cookers Tony160.5372
50Beat Brothers 2160.5256
51E's Smokin BBQ160.5140
52Good Ole Boys Cookers159.9428
53Kingwood Smokers159.9428
54Correct Cooks159.4056
55White Water Cowboy Ken158.8800
56Humble Pit Crew 1158.8572
58Anytime BBQ Smoke Ronald158.2856
59Here 4 the Beer Renee158.2744
60Meat Slingers 2158.2628
61Meat The Teacher157.7144
62Certifed Tasty BBQ 1157.7144
63First Time Cookers Chad157.7028
64Top Gun Cookers Eric157.6916
65Rub and Crub 1157.6800
66Red Hot Chili Pepper Mike157.1200
67Black Jack Cookers156.5600
68Meat slingers 3155.9540
69Rusty Pit Cookers155.9200
70Blue Smoke Cookers 1155.4400
71Blue Smoke Cookers 2155.4284
72OutLaw Rays BBQ155.3716
73Premier Cooker 1Andy154.8568
74Come and Taste it 1153.7144
75First Time Cookers Chris153.1200
76Beat Brothers 1153.0856
77Meat Slingers 1152.5716
78No'Pasa Nada 2152.5600
79Southern Smokeater151.9200
80Hell Bent 100% Texas Cookers150.8344
81Top Gun 2 Chris150.2628
82Kelly Down Barbecue150.2284
84Superior 3 Kevin149.7028
85Superior 4 Tommy149.1316
86Broke A$$h Cookers149.0972
87Mustang Club149.0856
88White Water Cowboy Marc148.5600
89Pigheaded Cookers148.5260
90Rizza B"s HC147.9772
91Red Hot Chili Pepper Anthony147.9428
92Shamrock Smokrz 1147.3832
93Anytime BBQ Smoke Reginal147.3828
94Camp Lillie Cookers147.3600
95Junkyard Cookers Shane146.8000
96360 Cookers146.7772
97Old School Cookers Curtis146.2516
98Twisted Tail145.6684
99DGM- Willam Parvis145.6344
100Gettin Sauced Lance145.1200
101Big Bad Country Cookers145.0972
102General's Smokin& Grilling145.0972
103No' Pasa Nada 1143.4172
104B & B Charcoal142.7772
105Me and My Gang 2142.7768
106Permier Cookers 2 Brad142.3200
107Hook -N- Roll142.2860
108Wholly Haboanero Niles142.2860
109Wholly Habanero Brian142.2632
110Smokin Dopes142.2400
112Wholly Habanero Jake141.2116
113The BBQ Specialists139.4512
1143 C Ranch139.3944
115Cowboy Yacht Club138.2400
116R&R Cookers137.0744
117Old School Cookers Jason136.4800
118Superior 1 Brian136.0112
119Rub and Grub 2135.3600
120Houston Tree Service134.7660
121Junkyard Cookers Ricky134.2628
122Superior 2 Allen131.9200
123Smoke Rings 2124.5144
124Me and My Gang 1122.7544
125H - Town Pit Boss Smokers116.4572

Ancillary: OPEN 50/50

RankTeam NameTotal
1Rusty Pit Cookers180.0000
2Xtreme Texas Cookers180.0000
3360 Cookers178.8572
43 C Ranch178.8572
5Gettin Sauced Lance177.7372
6Business as Usual176.0228
7Black Jack Cookers175.4172
8Meat The Teacher174.8800
9Premier Cooker 1Andy173.7028
10Casanoa BBQ Company173.1428
11Superior 3 Kevin173.1084
12Tiny Wood Cookers172.5828
13Anytime BBQ Smoke Reginal172.5484
14Meat Slingers 1172.0344
15Correct Cooks170.8800
16Smoke Rings 2170.8456
17Superior 1 Brian170.2628
18Broke A$$h Cookers169.1772
19Me and My Gang 1169.1656
20Smoking Bandit Cookers169.1656
21Gettin' Sauced Justin168.6172
22Wholly Habanero Brian168.5944
23Superior 4 Tommy168.5828
24Humble Pit Crew 1168.5484
25Blue Smoke Cookers 1167.4744
26Hatin' 24-7167.4628
27Permier Cookers 2 Brad167.3944
28Hell Bent 100% Texas Cookers166.8800
29R&R Cookers166.2744
30Wholly Habanero Jake166.2516
31Junkyard Cookers Robert165.7944
32Wholly Haboanero Niles165.7484
33Beat Brothers 1165.6912
34Junkyard Cookers Tony164.5484
35Here 4 the Beer Mason163.9772
36Smoker and The Bandits163.4400
37Here 4 the Beer Tony163.3712
38E's Smokin BBQ162.8456
39Twisted Tail161.6800
40Good Ole Boys Cookers159.4172
41OutLaw Rays BBQ158.8800
42Bullhorn BBQ157.0972
43Gettin' Sauced John155.9884
44Old School Cookers Curtis155.9772
45Here 4 the Beer Renee155.0284
46White Water Cowboy Ken154.2740
47The BBQ Specialists152.5828
48White Water Cowboy Marc152.0228
49Smoke Rings 1152.0228
50Kingwood Smokers151.9312
51Wholly Habanero Buddy151.3600
52Rubbin Smoke149.7144
53Come and Taste it 1149.0740
54Meat Slingers 2148.6172
55Rub and Grub 2148.5712
56Humble Pit Crew 2147.9884
57General's Smokin& Grilling146.8340
58Honky Tonk Smokers146.8112
59Blue Smoke Cookers 2146.2400
60Anytime BBQ Smoke Ronald145.0852
61Rub and Crub 1141.6228
62H - Town Pit Boss Smokers140.5140
63Top Gun 2 Chris138.7772
64The Republic' Que133.8972
65Me and My Gang 2133.6344
66Superior 2 Allen133.0856
67Shamrock Smokrz 1131.9772
68Camp Lillie Cookers130.8456
69Rizza B"s HC129.7256
70Meat slingers 3127.9540
71Beat Brothers 220.0000